Biden and Bernie

Super Tuesday & the Intervention of the DNC

Daniel House

The DNC played their cards well and thanks to Klobuchar and O’Rourke, the night handed a win to Biden in both Minnesota and Texas. I remain convinced that a Biden candidacy will be an unmitigated disaster.

I’m a white guy, Rape Culture is real, and I’m feeling angry

Daniel House

How do I write about our culture of rape, sexual harassment, child molestation and the degree to which there is ...

Petulant Baby Man

An Open Letter to Donald Trump

Daniel House

Dear Mr. Trump – Congratulations on your ascendancy to the presidency. You did it: you managed to con your way ...

2016 Electoral Map

America, What Have You Done?

Daniel House

America has just done the unthinkable. Somehow, against all better sense, and in opposition to almost every single poll and ...

The Democratic Candidates

Bernie vs. Hillary – It is, but It isn’t

Daniel House

Is Hillary more closely tied to Wall Street and the political establishment? You bet. That said, she’s ultimately still on the same team. I completely reject the assertion that she is more like a Republican than she is a Democrat.

Guns and Country

Too Many Guns, Too Many Dead

Daniel House

I grew up at a time when Viet Nam played front and center in the lives of our nation, when ...

This is my first Political Post (Election 2012)

Daniel House

Not that it was ever any sort of formal declaration, but in spite of my liberal political leanings that – ...