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The Best Films of 2016 – My 2017 List of Favorites

Daniel House

As is usually the case, attempting to shave my list down to only ten titles can prove challenging, and perhaps ...

Boyhood -12 years of Mason

The Best Films of 2014 – My 2015 List of Favorites

Daniel House

As I write this, a disclaimer that there are a few films that I have not yet seen that I ...


Weegee’s Los Angeles :: His Other Naked City

Daniel House

In 1938, he was the only New York newspaper photographer with a permit to have a police-band shortwave radio. Using the police broadcasts, he often beat the police and firefighters to the scene’s thus getting some of the rawest urban imagery for which he is known for. He had a full darkroom setup in the trunk of his car, allowing him to turn around his photos in record time.