Heather Hughes - Charmer

¡Viva La Hughes!

Daniel House

In our lives, we only get to have a few people who touch us at the very core of our ...

Levon Helm

Guess They Needed Another Drummer (a nod to Levon Helm)

Daniel House

We’ve lost another one of the greats. I am not referring to Dick Clark who died this last Wednesday, but ...


Xeni’s Diagnosis :: An Unwelcome Visitor

Daniel House

I woke up at 4:00 this morning and was not able to get back to sleep. I became preoccupied after ...

Saying Goodbye to Those We Love

Daniel House

Today is a day of emotional tumult. Waves of emotion keep crashing, each time a little different from the last, waves without any sort of consistent rhythm or pattern. So it is with the passing of somebody we love.

Ebert in Esquire

Roger Ebert – Words On Bone

Daniel House

By now, many if not most of you have already been made aware of – if not have already read ...