Genesis - photo by Todd Crawford

An interview with Genesis Breyer P-Orridge (Part 1)

Daniel House

Anything that purports to be a norm is an arbitrary imposition.  As William Burroughs said to me once, when you’re confused by something or mystified by it or you’re concerned and suspicious of it, look for the vested interest and usually that’s the answer for what’s going on. 

Sweet little Pippa Girl

Pippa is Gone and My Heart is Crushed

Daniel House

For weeks my heart has been breaking. Today it has finally been ground down to dust. We just put our ...

Skin Yard and Soundgarden - Tuesday, July 30, 1985

Remembering Old Histories and Saying Goodbye

Daniel House

It’s been less than a week since Chris died, and as has been the case on too many occasions before ...

From Guemes to Berkeley – A Reflection on Father’s Day

Daniel House

When my father announced in 1976—rather abruptly—that we were going to be moving away from Guemes Island, and back to ...

50: “It’s just a number”

Daniel House

I am aware that this is just another number, and that the value we put on these milestones are essentially arbitrary. But I also think that milestones in life are important.