Separated at Birth? Email and Coincidence.

Daniel House

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Separated at birth?Danny, not Daniel.

Several years back, I received an email out of the blue from a guy named Danny that read:

“Hello,I’m in Seattle for a conference, was at a bar and some woman came up and introduced herself…’Hi, Daniel, I’m….?’ I gave her a warm but confused look as I was pretty certain I’d never met her before.  She said…’Daniel I’m on your Facebook page I can’t believe you don’t remember me…you are Daniel House?’

So I checked you out today on your various online pages…Definitely a resemblance and looks like we both have August ’61 B-days…and of course have the same first name.”

A little more than a simple resemblance. I wrote back immediately:

“I looked at your pic, and the resemblance is really quite remarkable. Different mouth, but I swear our eyes and nose are almost exact. Do you remember who it was…The woman? If so, I’d love to drop her a note on FB…so strange – and awesome. What is your actual birthday? Wondering how many days apart we are.”

And he responded back (certain parts have been removed in the respect of privacy):

I can’t remember her name. Looked like she was in her late 20’s or early 30’s. No features that I can recall. The club is at Pine and Broadway and the band was Voyager 1…if you need/wanna do a brief life-role switch…I suppose we could trade some wardrobe…I make it to LA occasionally. Lived there from about ’88-91 and keep in touch with a couple of friends, x-fiancé and a couple of family members.”

So not only were we born in the same month in the same year, have (almost) the same first name, but he was seeing a band that I do in fact own at least one CD by, but he’s even lived in L.A. for a brief stint. It’s really the photo that got me. I felt that I was looking at a picture of me in some alternate universe…except that it was in Seattle, a city that I had lived in for over twenty years. Perhaps this is of interest to me and me alone, but the resemblance is more than a little striking. I do not think this sort of thing happens to everybody. Did I have a fraternal twin that nobody ever told me about?

Separated at Birth? This is not Daniel House

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  1. If I saw that in your house, it would never occur to me that it wasn’t you.. The likeness is pretty amazing but, when you get to the birthday’s and city it’s almost creepy.

  2. I expect he and I will meet up one of these days…he did say he comes to L.A. every so often, so perhaps on one of those trips!

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