1,000 Years of War in Europe

Daniel House

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War in Europe

Entitled a “Map of Europe 1000 AD to present with timeline,” this is a fascinating video showing a constantly changing geography throughout Europe over the last 1,000 or so years.

A couple of key items come to my inquiring mind.

What this ultimately shows is a never-ending history of war and conflict. Included are many that some of us already know: the Norman Invasions, the various Ottoman wars, Hundred Years’ War, the Eighty Years’ War, the War of the Spanish Succession and of course both World Wars.  It’s fascinating on the one hand, but equally horrifying to imagine just a seemingly never-ending history of aggression. Wikipedia has a rather jaw-dropping list of Wars in Europe going all the way back to BC, the majority of which I have never heard about. Overall, I should not be surprised. This is essentially a timeline of blood and the quest for power.

I can’t help but wonder if the overall timeline is accurate on terms of linear scale. It appears that it likely is, as the video is 5:30 in duration and 2:33 appears to synch with what would have been the approximate finale of the Napoleonic Wars.

For a static maps of Europe in year 1000 and each century leading up to the close of the first millennium, click HERE.

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