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Hello World” is what you are supposed to have your first program print out in pretty much every introductory (computer) programming class. Not particularly exciting, but I suppose you’ve got to start somewhere, and “Hello World” is apparently it…so this being my first post to this – my new website/blog –will (unimaginatively) be my first announcement to the world as well.

Prior to this incarnation, I had a previous websites living at this domain for quite a number of years, but it was static and unchanging, and frankly very “1995.” Considering that my work has – now for many years – been in web and interactive, it only seemed appropriate to update my personal website to one that was (at least marginally) reflective of the “new” web (as in 2.0), one that is dynamic and interactive. This is what invariably happens: you do a lot of great work for other people, that you can never seem to find the time to get up-to-speed on a build of your own. It’s like going to a website of a graphic designer and finding a site that is very poorly designed – not a good representation of that persons work and ability, and certainly not somebody you’d want to hire.

So, welcome to my new face lift. I work full-time, and already I’m finding that I will have to push myself to find the time to write new posts, but it’s important that I do, both in terms of maintaining a creative discipline in my life, but also in terms of the work that I do working with Web, marketing, social media and creative uses of new media on the Web and elsewhere.

This is a good transition, one of many over the last year, but I’ll save that for another post.

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  1. I like the idea behind “maintaining a creative discipline.” I think that’s something I need to look into for myself.
    looking forward to your future posts…congrats on the new site!

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