Bejeweled Bodies, the Ultimate Veneration

Daniel House

I first became aware of Paul Koudounaris a couple of years back with the release of his Thames and Hudson ...

Tom Price Desert Classic (photo by Jim Tilman)

Tom Price Brings you Some Desert Rock in 2013

Daniel House

It’s probably been a year and a half since I asked Jim Tillman permission to post this photo of the ...

23rd Street near 6th Avenue

The Past Meets the Present All Over Again

Daniel House

Very much along the same lines of the post I made over a year ago, The Past Meets the Present ...

Golden Gate - Flyin' High

Building The Golden Gate

Daniel House

The Golden Gate Bridge was built between the years of 1933 and 1937 and is considered one of the modern ...


Weegee’s Los Angeles :: His Other Naked City

Daniel House

In 1938, he was the only New York newspaper photographer with a permit to have a police-band shortwave radio. Using the police broadcasts, he often beat the police and firefighters to the scene’s thus getting some of the rawest urban imagery for which he is known for. He had a full darkroom setup in the trunk of his car, allowing him to turn around his photos in record time.

Time-Lapse Photography Like You’ve NEVER Seen It

Daniel House

Slowly finding its way around the web is some of the most stunning and incredible time-lapse photography you’ve ever seen, ...

The Past Meets the Present in Photographs

Daniel House

I recently discovered a Flickr pool entitled Looking into the Past, devoted to combining old B&W photos of locations and ...

The Redwoods

The Magnificence of the Redwoods

Daniel House

I barely even know what to say about this. My dear friend Sharon posted it to my Facebook in response ...