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Xeni’s Diagnosis :: An Unwelcome Visitor

Daniel House

I woke up at 4:00 this morning and was not able to get back to sleep. I became preoccupied after ...

Loving Your Dog Will Open Your Heart

Daniel House

Upon meeting my eyes she does not get, up, does not start barking, but instead just quietly meets my gaze and starts wagging steadily in a way that felt like she was saying, “there you are. I’ve been waiting for you…I’m so glad you finally came…”

50: “It’s just a number”

Daniel House

I am aware that this is just another number, and that the value we put on these milestones are essentially arbitrary. But I also think that milestones in life are important.

Saying Goodbye to Those We Love

Daniel House

Today is a day of emotional tumult. Waves of emotion keep crashing, each time a little different from the last, waves without any sort of consistent rhythm or pattern. So it is with the passing of somebody we love.

Ebert in Esquire

Roger Ebert – Words On Bone

Daniel House

By now, many if not most of you have already been made aware of – if not have already read ...

Ben McMillan

A Skin Yard Tour Story – Soaked to the Bone

Daniel House

I know that it is not politically correct to speak ill of the dead, however I do not consider the ...

Marco Brambilla Elevator

Marco Brambilla – Video Installation Visionary

Daniel House

This was an amazing piece that I discovered while still working @ Creative Asylum overseeing the development and launch of ...

Hello World

Daniel House

This is what invariably happens: you do a lot of great work for other people, that you can never seem to find the time to get up-to-speed on a build of your own.