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20th Century Women

The Best Films of 2016 – My 2017 List of Favorites

Daniel House

As is usually the case, attempting to shave my list down to only ten titles can prove challenging, and perhaps ...

Mad Max: Fury Road

The Best Films of 2015 – My 2016 List of Favorites

Daniel House

Scrambling like a maniac to get this post out before heading out the door to our favorite annual Oscar party ...

Boyhood -12 years of Mason

The Best Films of 2014 – My 2015 List of Favorites

Daniel House

As I write this, a disclaimer that there are a few films that I have not yet seen that I ...

Dave Grohl's Sound City Documentary

The Best Documentaries of 2013 – My 2014 List of Favorites

Daniel House

This year, I’ve seen all but one of the films nominated for best picture, and while I give kudos to ...

beasts of the southern wild

The Best Films of 2012 – My 2013 List of Favorites

Daniel House

Enough has already been said about the peculiar (and presumably political) decision on the part of the Academy to leave ...

The Best Films of 2011 – My 2012 List of Favorites

Daniel House

With the 2012 Academy Awards airing tomorrow, I’ve decided to compile a top ten list of my favorite movies of ...

Marika Rökk – Life is Boring in Boring Old Space

Daniel House

File under the discovery of cool and interesting cinematic obsucrities well worth passing along to others for their discovery and ...

Jane Birkin from Sex Power

Jane Birkin in 1970 Film, “Sex Power”

Daniel House

Wow…cool obscure little find: In 1970 Henry Chapier directed “Sex Power,”  a film with Jane Birkin and enlisted the talents ...

Ebert in Esquire

Roger Ebert – Words On Bone

Daniel House

By now, many if not most of you have already been made aware of – if not have already read ...

The Hurt Locker

Avatar Vs. Hurt Locker: Flash Vs. Substance

Daniel House

Over this last weekend, I finally got around to seeing Avatar in 3D, and then yesterday the Oscar nominees came ...