Areas of Expertise

  • Digital Content Strategies
    Digital Content is a catchall phrase that encompasses the entire portfolio of your online existence. It is more than a website or a blog, but includes your business objectives, your messaging, your branding, your content strategies, as well as your social media marketing strategy. How will you engaging your audience, and how do you plan on differentiating yourself from the rest of the pack?
  • Social Media Marketing and Strategy Social Media Marketing is essential to anybody with a unique web site/service, a business with any sort of online presence, and even a blog. Extending your message leveraging the power of Social Media should be a critical piece of your marketing and strategy.
  • Web Development /Interactive Solutions If you are looking to build an award worthy web site, I can assemble a team of passionate and savvy freelancers to create every element of your web presence. Solutions that you might be in need of include web design, database design and optimization, application development, flash development, information architecture, search engine optimization and e-commerce.
  • Consumer Messaging / Copywriting
    Understanding your customer is one of the first things that needs to be identified. Once done, the messages that you create need to be honed to concise, powerful and meaningful statements that reflect your brand and help to define what makes you special. Good copy is often overlooked, but your words in print and on the web are how you deliver your message, motivate your clients, and ultimately let them know who you are. Copy is also important however because it can affect your SEO in a meaningful way.
  • Creative Concepting and Creative Direction
    The look and feel of your product is what makes you unique and is (on the surface anyway) what helps you to stand apart from the crowd. Regardless of if it’s your logo, your website design, a web banner, any collateral print piece or something as simple as a business card, your creative image is what represents you and your brand.