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An Open Letter to Donald Trump

Dear Mr. Trump –

Congratulations on your ascendancy to the presidency. You did it: you managed to con your way into the highest office in the land and you broke new records in doing it – not the records that you so blithely lie to the American public about, knowing full well that your claims are false, but the real record, the one that  you already know—and as many of us all know as well—that you lost the popular vote by an “unpresidented3 MILLION votes. You lost by over 2%, which, using historic election math—in any other period in history that is not now— would mean that you lost.  And yet…here you are.

Much of the world continues to sit in shell shock, feeling paralyzed by the reality and gravity of the situation, but our horror is beginning to fade as we begin to mobilize against you and your crooked band of cronies who appear poised like never before to rape and pillage the American social safety net and this country’s economy while declaring a virtual war on the very constitution that our principles are based on.

But hey – you found your tribe: The GOP. While they may not consider you a part of their tribe, you are now in bed with the party of the aging conservative white guys, fearful, paranoid, selfish, self-righteous sexist men who tend bristle to people-of-color; who tend bristle at people who have different orientations than them; who tend bristle at people (like us) who believe that we (meaning society) should all be allowed to make our own choices about things that relate directly to our own lives. You have put on a display that has made so many in your tribe bristle at their new leader. They have no choice, but still – you are an embarrassment – even to them.

Petulant Baby Man

You sir, are a petulant, arrogant bully and an unapologetic misogynist. These are not characteristics that you should be proud of. You conduct yourself like a child and clearly do not have the mental or emotional fortitude to conduct yourself in a fashion befitting this particular office. You are a coward hiding behind your thin veil of braggadocio and it seems plain that you are interested in this office more for the attention that your outrageous theatrics garner, than the fact that you could do actual work with an interest in trying to better our country.  It’s obvious that you have little interest in the vast majority of us who were born into a much less privileged social caste than you:  You hold a clear disdain for the great bulk of those of us who make up the fabric of this American Society and in fact it appears that you have a disdain for the great majority of people on this earth.

And with this, I can’t help but wonder why you ever ran in the first place. I think at first it was little more than a stunt to boost your brand, with a different set of future plans in mind. As things took a course that none of us (including you) ever considered viable, I imagine that you and your insecure inner-child finally saw an escape from the shadow of your father, Fred Trump, the man who legitimately built a real estate empire, and without whom you would have nothing. His “loan” of approximately $9 Million against your future inheritance—money that was essentially given to you to begin your professional career— is easily five times the total amount of money that the average person in America will earn their entire lifetime.

And still…you failed.

In 1990, your real estate, airline and casino empire effectively collapsed. These series of events have been very well documented, and yet you’ve continued to lie to world about the prowess of your acumen as a businessman.  You managed to escape the total implosion of your “empire” by effectively conning the banks to give you tens of millions of additional dollars while deferring interest on almost a billion dollars.  You are a charlatan and a fraud.

I believe that deep in your core, this reality nags at you, and I believe that’s why you refuse to release your taxes – not so much to hide the almost certain shady business dealings that you’re engaged in, but ultimately because it would reveal that your earnings are in fact minuscule compared to what you would have people believe, and because you do not want us to see how deeply you’re in debt.  I’m guessing tens of millions of dollars.  I believe that this is perhaps your single biggest fear: that you will be exposed and ultimately remembered as a con man and a fraud. Millions of us have already arrived at that conclusion.

And now, completely in over your head, you’re trying to run a country as you would another one of your corrupt business ventures, but the business of government doesn’t run like you’ve been conducting your presidency during your first week in office. You— the proverbial bull in the china shop— think that you can just sign executive orders and treat the office like a monarchy, but you will quickly see the wheels of government, Congress and the multitude of others in government slowly grinding down. You’ll get a couple weeks free-ride, but already, in your first week you’ve been handed your first defeat.  There will be many many more. Your “job” will cease to be “fun.” The protest movements that you are so beautifully fueling (thank you), will continue to grow and unify.  You will see reality as it really exists. Or maybe you don’t have that capacity.

I was one of the estimated 750,000 people who attended the Woman’s March in Los Angeles on January 21, 2017 – Internationally it was probably the biggest protest march in history, with over 3 MILLION in attendance in the U.S. alone.  Your response was a display of childish anger that your pitiable inauguration attendance numbers were overshadowed by the remarkable outpouring of resistance against your agenda – one that is aimed squarely against us.

Womens March - January 21, 2017

Your inability to accept reality, you inability to display any impulse control, and your childish outbursts are all clear signs of a person with severe mental health issues.

I am no therapist, nor do I work in mental health, but I am well read (something that cannot be said of you sir), and happen to know a fair bit about mental health disorders as a result.

Keith Olbermann did a fine job in pointing out how clearly unstable you are, an opinion that many of have shared for the better part of the last two years.

It seems clear to me that you suffer from some form of Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD). From Wikipedia, “NPD is a long-term pattern of abnormal behavior characterized by exaggerated feelings of self-importance, an excessive need for admiration, and a lack of understanding of others’ feelings. People affected by it often spend a lot of time thinking about achieving power or success, or about their appearance. They often take advantage of the people around them.” In other words, YOU.

John D. Gartner, from Johns Hopkins University Medical School is a professional however, and his opinion of you is that you are a malignant narcissist and says that you are “dangerously mentally ill and temperamentally incapable of being president.”

I wish it was as simple as just that.  Of much greater concern is the fact that you display all the characteristics of a psychopath.  The criteria according to the Psychopathy Checklist Revised (PCL-R) share some of the same traits of NPD, but ultimately extend well beyond: lack of empathy, cold-heartedness, emotionally shallow, a general lack of any personal responsibility (i.e. your always being the victim, while you have no personal accountability), pathological lying, egocentricity and a reckless impulsivity.

Dan P. McAdams, a psychology professor at Northwestern University, noted that you are: “extremely disagreeable, narcissistic, and filled with anger.” Not a diagnosis per se, but none are qualities that would typically be attributed to somebody who of a stable mental capacity.

The question as to whether you might in fact have a form of dementia and are in the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease, something your own father suffered from towards the end of his life seems valid as well.  Your speech is frequently disjointed to the point of incoherence; you are easily irritable, often paranoid and appear from your late night Twitter rampages to suffer from insomnia.  These are all clinical signs on early onset Alzheimer’s.

Interestingly enough, these are also signs frequently associated with Addiction to amphetamines.  The prescriptions you received for the “diet drug,” Tenuate Dospan in the ‘80s have been documented, and your erratic behaviors (including your bizarre performances in the debates you lost against Hillary Clinton), suggest use of some sort of amphetamine-like substance. If any of the suggestions above are even remotely accurate, I would be doubly concerned that you might have a substance abuse issue on top of your apparent mental illness. Together, the combination would be as dangerous as it seems that you may in fact well be.

I had a dream about you a few nights ago. You and I were together in the duplex I used to live in during my twenties, and in the dream I was the age I am now, and you and I had known each other a couple of decades earlier.  You had already become president, and I was genuinely alarmed at the decisions you had been making, and how you had somehow become so seemingly evil since we had last been in touch. I was asking you how you could be doing such awful things against humanity. I was pleading with you, believing that you surely must still have some shred of dignity and compassion left in you. And then I awoke out of the dream. I tried to slip back into sleep, but the emotion from the dream felt so toxic that I had to get out of bed and walk around: I had to fully wake up before going back to bed because I did not want to slip back into that same state of mind.

This however is not a dream. This is real. This is a nightmare, and I am awake. I know that I am under attack. My brothers and sisters are all under attack. We see you as a threat. You are clearly vindictive, but you cannot successfully wage war against an entire population. We will #resist, and while we are aware that we will not win every battle, do not be mistaken: We WILL win the fight.


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  1. Heidi Girling says

    Well said Daniel. You should keep writing and share it! Letter to the editor? Letters to your congress persons?

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