Rock 'n' Roll

REQ'D photo by Bill Green

Waking Up to Playing Again

Daniel House

Sluggo informed me that their bass player Dave would not be able to make it down and asked how I felt about filling in on bass. I said okay.

Skin Yard and Soundgarden - Tuesday, July 30, 1985

Remembering Old Histories and Saying Goodbye

Daniel House

It’s been less than a week since Chris died, and as has been the case on too many occasions before ...

Chris Cornell & Daniel House - Sept., 2015 (photo by Karen)

Chris Cornell – Tears to Forget

Daniel House

We’ve dealt with this before, and every time we find ourselves confronted with this sad and seemingly meaningless experience—that of ...

Bowie in Red

Bowie’s Gone and I Feel Lost

Daniel House

It’s been a week since the passing of David Bowie, and as much as I try, I cannot shake it. ...


(R)OcKtober, 2013 – The Seattle Edition

Daniel House

If I’m not mistaken, this is the fourth year in a row that I’ve posted a music video each day ...


31 Days of (R)October – ¡Viva La Rock!

Daniel House

A few years back, I started a tradition on Facebook where I would post a different (rock) music video each ...

Coachella 2010 – Day One in the Sun

Daniel House

It’s been a ridiculous long time since I last made any posts to this here blog, and while I can ...

Ben McMillan

A Skin Yard Tour Story – Soaked to the Bone

Daniel House

I know that it is not politically correct to speak ill of the dead, however I do not consider the ...