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I once had a Linux instructor who was fond of saying: “The answer is ‘Yes’ – now what’s the question?” This suggestion of infinite possibility has fueled my love of innovation ever since.

We live in a world of constant change, and the Web is the platform from which much of this change is enabled. These are—in short—exciting times.

When I first launched this website, I was interested in positioning myself as a web consultant, project manager, and a virtual agency of sorts. I am no longer interested in hustling for projects and chasing payment for work being done. I am still in love with innovative and disruptive technologies, but am instead focused on my career in healthcare, and in trying to find ways to integrate creativity into my life again.

I have thought a good deal about playing music once more, and that may still happen in some capacity, but ultimately I am more excited about the possibility of developing as a writer. I have begun three different projects, none of which are too far along (yet), but all of which fill me with a greater sense of purpose and drive. And this blog—while not too active—is a place where I get to dabble whenever the spark turns to flame.

Working in healthcare was never something that I set out to do.  I stumbled into it as a fluke, but it has turned out to be a remarkably satisfying and engaging field. It is an area where plenty of disruption and innovation occurs regularly behind the scenes, and is also an area where people’s lives are impacted every single day.

So… what’s your question?  I am not likely to be able to assist you, but regardless, I’m always interested in hearing great ideas, and can assure you that the answer is undoubtedly “Yes.”

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